Holidays campsite Argeles: visit the Avall Taxo Castle in Argeles
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Castle of Taxo d'Avall in Argeles sur mer

In Argeles sur mer, in the Eastern Pyrenees, holidaymakers and tourists are enthusiastic about discovering new things. Indeed, apart from the pleasures it offers on its rocky or sandy beaches of 7km, this Catalan resort is full of cultural and natural treasures. Among those who testify to its valuable heritage, Taxo d’Avall castle fascinates.

The history of the Taxo d'Avall Castle

The medieval castle of Taxo d’Avall is solidly built on several hectares of fortified estate with Roman remains. Its construction is estimated around the 11th century. It contains a chapel, two semi-circular corner towers and other remains of a crenellated enclosure. The castle was the residence of a lineage holding the title of Viscount of Roussillon between 1050 and 1172. After the disappearance of the title of Viscount, several Lords of Tatzo succeeded each other from 1173 to about 1948. The first families of lords to live there were the De Tatzo family, who enlarged the castle, followed by Louis XIV and Louis XVI. Its last owner was Marc Jurjus, the mayor of Argeles from 1800 to 1813.

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Visit the Taxo d'Avall Castle

The Château de Taxo d’Avall has passed through the ages and has witnessed the historical journey of this town, which straddles both tradition and modernity. This is the ideal place to get a glimpse of what Argeles has been through. This castle, which today consists of a few rubble pieces, can only be visited outside. A guided tour is recommended if you want all the essential information that is sometimes surprising.

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