If you are visiting Castelnou , you must visit the Viscount's castle which dominates the village. It is a medieval castle that was built at the end of the first millennium. This residence has been abandoned many times by its former owners. In the 18th century, the castle fell into ruin and its stones were recovered by the villagers to build their houses.
Around 1800 it was completely restored by Ernest de Satge and used as a residence that passed from one owner to another. In 1981 the castle burned down and 6 years later it was purchased by SCI (a property management company). Today, the castle of Castelnou is one of the historical monuments of the region and a must-see site in Castelnou.


An experienced guide will show you around the castle and tell you about its eventful history in a humorous way. You can either take a guided tour or a documented tour. In summer, there are also theatrical tours and night tours for the whole family to enjoy. History buffs will be delighted to learn about the unspoken secrets behind warfare in medieval times.
Explore the castle in its entirety, starting with its rooms, then its cave, not forgetting the remains of its dungeon and its castral chapel. Outside, discover its large shady garden and smell the fragrance of the Mediterranean vegetation. With your family or friends, you can have a picnic on a specially designed area.
On its large terrace, you will have a panoramic view of the whole village of Castelnou.


The path out of the castle leads to the wine estate. This site is home to extensive vineyards and also produces world famous wines. Castelnou is not only known as one of the most beautiful villages in France.
It is also famous for its wine-growing area. Indeed, the red wine it produces is highly appreciated by wine lovers and connoisseurs. The same goes for its sweet wines. During your visit to the château de Castelnou, don't forget to buy some. You will find a tasting room where you can share special moments with your family. The wine of the region goes perfectly with the local products. Treat yourself! Continue your visit by discovering the Church of Sainte Marie du Mercadal in Castelnou .